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There is no such thing as extracurricular sports or clubs at Kikuryou! All sports teams and activites have a profound influence on a student's discipline and development. At Kikuryou there are many clubs, small and large, that a student can choose from. Students are strongly encouraged to get involved with a club or team on campus. Each club is supervised by a member of the faculty. Students choose to become a member of a team or club during the second week of the school year, and all club and team activities last year-round.* Students may only be a member of one club/team.

Currently we have:

Sports Clubs: Baseball, Basketball, Cross-country/Track, Judo, Kendo, Kyuudo (Archery), Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Water Polo, Volleyball, Girls' Softball.*

Cultural Clubs: Chorus, Drama, English, Koto, Fine Arts, Journalism**, Gardening, Sewing and Crafts, Cooking, Orchestra, Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement, Go and Shougi Club, Society of Truth-Seekers***

We do also have a very busy and active Student Council. These members are chosen by their classmates for their responsibility and good citizenship. Student Council members are usually too busy to take part in club activities.

Aside: Usually there are no girls' soccer or softball teams in Japanese school but we wanted to have one anyway. It's a rich-kid school, right? There is no "off-season" as in America, sports teams practice year-round. 1st year students don't get to play as much as the other grades do. They assist with equipment and setup/cleanup and cheer on the 2nd and 3rd years.)

(**handles school newspaper and yearbook)

(***Aside: this is an unofficial club of students [read: nerds] who are interested in proving the fact that the school is haunted and that there is a conspiracy to hide non-humans among us.)
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Here you can find some information on locations that can be found in [info]ghostsugar_rp.

Main Gate - This is the main entrance to the school by which students enter campus, where the school sign is. The gates are heavy, wrought-iron things with curliques and arrow points on the tops. It makes the school look a bit like a jail, what with the six-foot brick walls surrounding the complex. On either side of this gate are thick hedges. Every morning two teachers will have a turn to wait outside this gate to greet students and check uniforms.

Courtyard - A courtyard paved with old flagstones and planted with shrubs and flowers. You can either walk straight ahead to the main entrance of the school, or follow the long walkway around to the students' entrance to the school building.

At the student's entrance to the school building, there is a small gatehouse at which students change from their street school shoes to their indoor school shoes. Shoes are kept in small unlocked shoe lockers organized by homeroom. This is a great place to stash a love letter to that special someone!

Hallways - The hallways inside the school have high ceilings, tiled floors, and thick oak walls. The acoustics have a lot of echo to them when the hall is empty. Here and there a cobweb can be seen on the ceiling, or a red rusty dribble from a leaking pipe (or is it?). On bulletin boards in the hallway, one can find posted grades, health and hygeine tips, and information about upcoming events and contests.

Stairwells - Wide oak stairwells at the end of each hall lead up to the next floor. The stairs are of the style which consist of thick planks to walk on with a space between. Some students have claimed to see ghostly hands that have reached through to grab their ankles. School staff assures everyone that this is probably due to a simple prank.

Bathrooms - Restrooms can be found on each floor. The student's bathrooms are notoriously chilly even in summer. Tiled floor and ancient pedestal sinks (that could probably use a cleaning), wooden stall doors give a feeling of dated luxury. Both Japanese-style and Western-style toilets are in the stalls.

Classrooms - Classrooms have hardwood floors and sliding doors to enter and exit the class. Windows are tall and hung with heavy drapes. Artwork and student's reports decorate the walls. The room is cleaned by the students at the end of the day. A flower arrangement is placed by a student near the front of the class each week. Students can eat lunch in their classroom or go out to the grounds or cafeteria.

School Main Structure- consists of two buildings (A and B) linked by short outdoor walkways that bridge the gap between the two buildings.

Floor Directory-

1st Floor Building A - Teacher's Room, Teacher's Lounge, Principal's Office, Secretary's Office, Groundskeeper/Maintenance Room, Teacher's Locker Rooms.

2nd Floor Building A- 3rd year Classrooms, Home Economics Classrooms,

3rd Floor Building A- 2nd year Classrooms, Art Classrooms

4th Floor Building A- 1st year Classrooms, Chorus Room, Music Rooms

1st Floor Building B- Nurse's Office, Japanese-style formal room, Formal parlor, PTA Room, Counseling Rooms

2nd Floor Building B- Science Labs, Study Rooms

3rd Floor Building B- Student Government Rooms, Japanese-style rooms,  Wood Shop Room, Computer Room

4th Floor Building B- Storage, Locked rooms, stairs to roof

Roof- Students aren't supposed to be up here, but seem to find their way anyway. Plain bare concrete with ventilation ducts. A good place for a fight, a nap, or a rendezvous.

Gym - Boys' and Girls' locker rooms, a large gym. All Assemblies take place on the floor here. The track, soccer field, and baseball diamond can be found behind.

Dojo - a low, Japanese-style wooden building that is divided into rooms in which the kendo and judo clubs practice. The kyuudo target range is outside.

Cafeteria - Students can eat lunch in their classroom or buy food in the school cafeteria, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner because of boarders. Kikuryou's cafeteria food isn't bad, but some of the more uppity students claim it is.Hot food such as soup and curry as well as sandwiches, rice balls, and sweet breads are popular.

Tea Garden - a small gazebo and koi pond area planted with traditional flowers. Everblooming camellias, lush irises and waterlilies. Sometimes the face in the reflection of the water looks decidedly unlike your own...

Rose Garden - There's something distinctly English about this space, which is heavily manicured and planted with loads of roses in every shape, size and color imaginable. Violets, daisies, and carnations fill in the gaps. Wrought-iron benches, cupids, and birdbaths abound.

Greenhouse- A dainty glass structure which houses plants and flowers. Students tend plants here for clubs and for science class. Behind this are vegetable rows, flower patches, and a hedge maze.

Library - A two-story building with tons of books, lots of space to study. Small study rooms are available. Open late nights and on weekends for boarding students. Adjoining this is a small student cafe called Apple-chan which serves hot drinks, pastries, and snacks before and after school and during busy study times. A wide expanse of green grass known as the East Meadow surrounds the building.

Southeast Corner - A shady and mysterious area of campus. Here one can find an old well which has been covered with a metal grate. Rows and rows of worn statues of foxes and stone dogs, Jizo, and Buddha's disciples stand forgotten under overgrown bamboo and pine trees. Through this courtyard, another gate forms a back entrance to the school. Outside the gate lies a vast, cramped graveyard. Beyond this graveyard, more statues of various deities surround the pathway which leads to Kasuga Shrine.

Dormitories- can be found on the eastern edge of campus near the library. Boarding students can choose to live here in either single or double rooms. Accommodations are spartan but neat and clean with shared bathrooms, a kitchenette on each wing. Quiet hours and curfew are enforced. Boys are not allowed in the girl's dorm after 6 p.m. and vice versa.

Off-Campus Locations

Downtown- Kikuryou is a sleepy small town with one train station. Grouped around the station is a small downtown area with shops and restaurants to wander around in. Apartment buildings are rarely higher than 4 stories. There is one video arcade, as well as a pet store, a handful of cafes, two bookstores, a used video game store, barbershop, beauty parlor, liquor store, pachinko parlor, hardware store, grocery store, quite a few family restaurants and hole-in-the-wall noodle shops. There is one movie theater but the screens are the old kind and there's not THX or Dolby or anything.

Kurita- To get serious shopping done or to buy some really fashionable clothes, you will have to get on the train and take a ten-minute trip to Kurita, which has a large mall, Gigaplex movie theater, everyday department stores, and the like.

Kamakura- About a thirty-minute train ride away, you can get to Kamakura (ah, a non-ficitional location!) which is a quaint old-fashioned city that's great for sightseeing and packed with gardens and temples.

Beach- Beyond Kamakura is the beach, the lovely beach. The area around here is popular for surfing.

Lake and nature preserve- From Kikuryou, a drive into the hills in the direction heading away from Kuritsu/Kamakura will take you into the mountains. A nature preserve park can be found here, with a lake that houses protected species of waterfowl. Great for hiking and stargazing. Do not get caught littering or hunting here <s>Ulf</s> or you will get caught by a park ranger.
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1. No. Godmoding. You might be sparkly, shiny vampire, or a totally awesome fantastico ghostie, but godmoding is never cool. If we catch you trying to one up or control what happens to another player, you will be spoken to.  Don't do it, or we'll disown you like red-headed stepchildren. And for those of you shiny little children who don't know what godmoding is, look right here.

But seriously. We will end you.

2. No drama. Players should at all times speak respectfully to and about each other. Violation of this rule will result in a talking-to, and possible dismissal from the rp. If you want to be a bitch or a gossip, go somewhere else, cause it isn't welcome here. Teamwork and community are very important here. We mean it, people should not feel intimidated in a game. It's a game, and people are here for fun, not to be hurt. Please remember this!

Let's have fun together, be positive in our speech with each other, and be tactful, tolerant, and sensitive to the feelings of others. Let's also listen and be available to each other, and include people. If you have a problem, talk to the other person about it. If talking to the other person about it is not an option, or if it won't help the matter, then you have to just shut up about it (even to your friends) and forgive and forget. Don't let it fester. If something serious happens and talking to the other person won't help, bring it to the attention of the mods, please.

3. No fangirl/boy Japanese, please. If you use Japanese names, please make sure they are real Japanese names. We have mods who can speak Japanese and study these things and we can help you choose a name if you need help. Also, please keep the usage of Japanese simply to greetings, foods, and titles such as sensei, sempai, -san, -chan, -kun, and -sama as need be, [and you certainly don't have to use these in your writing if you don't want to] and let's not be excessive with it. That's it. No kawaii, no aishiteru, etc. Write in English, please.

That isn't to say that, if your character is, for example, a French exchange student, you aren't allowed within reason to pepper his/her lines with a bit of French just for fun. Bonjour, merci, etc. Whole lines, however, should be in English for the readers to understand.

4. Characters: This is an all-OC rp. That means that all characters must be original characters of your own invention. Self-insertions, blatant clones of a character that already exists, cardboard people who are described solely on the basis of their looks or special powers and not their psychology, Mary Sues, Gary Stus, and what have you, are NOT characters who are going to be accepted. If your character has purple hair, a sharingan, and is sweet, gentle, and always perfect, I'm going to scream.

5. Thread Rules:

-[Until we get more characters, this rule is not in effect]: No flooding (posting more than three threads with your character in one week) and try not to post a ton of threads with the same characters all at once. Mix your action up as best as possible. Try to make quality threads with a variety of different characters.

-No eyeburn. Threads that contain adult or mature material MUST be clearly marked as not work-safe, and hidden with an LJ cut. I don't want to get fired over you! If you have questions as to what is and is not "work safe", please ASK. Generally speaking, R-rated material or stronger is considered not work-safe. Don't know how to do an LJ cut? Please see the LJ FAQ here.

-If your thread's first post is on the longer side, please use an LJ cut out of courtesy.

-A character should not be involved in more than three active threads at a time.

-THREAD FORMAT: ALL threads are written in third person format. The subject lines should be as follows:

Blood on the Dance Floor [closed]- in this case, no one else may comment on the thread and action is closed to the posting character.
Panic at the Disco [closed to Hanako]- Only Hanako and the posting character can comment on this thread.
Snakes on the Plane [tag Hanako]- Hanako should reply, the thread is open to other characters to join in after she does.
Zombies in the Swimming Pool [open]- Anyone may reply to this thread.

In [tag] and [open] threads, the thread should be edited and closed after the desired amount of characters has joined. Too many characters in a thread can get hard to handle, after all!

6. Character journals: Your character's personal LJ should be treated as your character speaking their thoughts in the first person. Actions do not take place here. You can use this to share your character's thoughts with the readers and/or other characters. If something in a post is addressed privately to another character, please mark it with [closed to (other character's name)]. Anything that should be considered private and therefore unknown to other characters in the game, please mark with [Private].

For example, let's say Shibata-sensei made the following lj post.

[Private] Ono-sensei has the worst coffee breath ever. I can't stand that crazy woman.

In this case since the comment is marked private, the other characters have no idea that Shibata-sensei feels this way. You can't godmode and have your character magically know about it, either. These are strictly an aside to the readers.

And another entry,

[Private to Murakami] Meet you after work for ice cream? I need a break.

Murakami-sensei may comment and reply to this post. However, since the conversation is closed, other characters don't know about it. Also, if you want to refer to things that happen on the character journals in-game, you need to decide with the other player when/where the conversation actually happened.

And a third entry,

My mother called to remind me that it's her birthday soon. I have no idea what to get her. (blah blah blah so on.) Hey, Murakami-sensei, any ideas?

This is not private or closed, therefore any character may comment with replies to this post.

7. Posts:

- Please try to post at the very least, once every week. If you have a situation which renders you unable to post (i.e. you're moving, going on vacation to a place with no internet, under a lot of stress at work, etc.) please let the mods know and we'll put you on hiatus. Players that disappear for long amounts of time with no explanation can hurt the game, because it means other people are waiting on you. Please be considerate of this. Thanks.

The mods reserve the right to write what happens to a character if you go on hiatus for an extended period of time without making arrangements as to what will happen. Be aware of this. Also, if you leave the rp, the mods reserve the right to retire your character and decide what happened to them in order to wrap up any existing storyline that they are involved with.

-You may enter a mood and current music (pick a good theme song) for your post.

- Posts should be in paragraph-form. Period. Let's face it, using ** and other forms of the "action marks" is good for Instant Messaging Role-Play. It has no purpose in the actual threads. Use your writing skills instead to describe what is going on. Please remember to use proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

-Quality is more important than quantity here. Please take your time with your posts and tags! We want to see the depth of your character's personality and how they work together with the other characters around them. Show us your best!

8. RP Theme/Content Rules:

In this RP you are free to write on many themes. Your writing can be happy, sad, scary, funny, dark, angsty. You can do romance or you can do anti-romance. You can write about action, or you can write about human relational matters. You can write het or slash (please do remember about that LJ-cut rule, and please try not to get too evil or not to post anything too hardcore that we'll all get banned from LJ for. You want to know what I mean, ask meh).

I would like to ask that with regards to the slash and het that we don't have to endure flowery flutterly fangirl imaginings of what boys are like. What I mean can be summed up easily by reading, say, Kakashi x Iruka slash. The first character who is portrayed as seriously calling his love male love interest "-chan," "lover," or "sexy dolphin" and isn't supposed to be a gross parody will make me shoot lasers of rage from my eyes through the intarnets. Also, let us not make the het reminiscent of a Harlequin novel or Tamahome x Miaka with a helpless!girl and a perfect!boy and lots of dangerous tragical rape attempts. Let's see boys who are (at least in some fashion) like real life boys, and girls who are like real life girls as far as characterization. Interesting and compelling characters who aren't flat and boring. You know what I mean? Give me a word up if you know what I mean.

What we do want to see somewhere in your threads is this:
--How does your character cope with the world around them? How does your character think of the people and the world around them?
--How is your character's life woven to others' lives? How does your character relate to the other people around them? What sort of bonds do they form, maintain, or break?
--How does your character work towards their goals? Everyone wants something out of life. What does your character feel their life is missing? How does that make them behave? How is your character going about getting that?
This is the difference between showing two people talking flatly, and making a story that involves the reader's emotions. Help us as readers to identify with your character and get into their skin. We want to know what makes them tick.

9. Icons may be made from stock photo (not of celebrities or real people please), anime and manga scans or screencaps, or your own original art. FAN ART and fan-made graphics found on the web may not be used without the artist's permission. Icons that were made by someone else should be used with permission and credit to the maker. If we find out that you jacked someone's drawings or fan art or icons from online without permission, you may be asked to leave the rp.

10. At this time the age limit for acceptance into the rp is 18. This is because we don't want to go to jail for smexing it up. Thanks.

11. The mods reserve the right to dismiss players from the rp or strike threads that violate the rules from the record at any time. Hopefully we will never have to do this.

12. To let us know that you read these rules carefully, please include the sentence "I can has bloodsucking now?" at the very end of your application.

* * *
It was long but you finished! A winner is you! Want to apply to Ghost*Sugar?


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