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For reference, here's some info about Japanese school to help you understand how Japanese school might be different from the high school you went to. These are questions people had in the beginning of the RP. If you ever have a question about how something works at Kikuryou or in Japanese high school, comment here and we'll answer your question.

Ghost*Sugar Japanese School FAQ )

Teachers and students?
Teachers should remember to use their best judgement and behave with propriety towards the students. It's not against any rules to touch a student and a pat on the back, head, or shoulder is completely acceptable at this school. Rest assured, though, that a teacher caught messing around with a student is going to get fired and possibly sent to jail if they are caught having relations with a student and/or the child is under 16 (laws are looser than in the US, esp. when the minor consented to the activity or lied about their age).

Discipline: At Kikuryou the following methods of disciplining students are officially accepted: detention, writing essays, extra homework, cleaning duty, trash pickup duty, sorting recyclables, being made to clean up or set up sports equipment for teams all alone, being made to sit in seiza for a certain period of time, kicking the student out of class, being made to hold heavy buckets of water while standing in the hallway, banning a student from club activities, making a student work in the library of cafeteria, taking a student aside and totally bawling them out.

The following methods of disciplining students are NOT officially accepted on paper but are often used when the situation demands. The administration will look the other way: the throwing of chalk/blackboard erasers/books/folders at a student, whacking a student on the head or hand with a book, folder, ruler, or other such object, making a student carry something heavy on the lap (such as a stack of books) when sitting in seiza, slapping for backtalk (punching is too far for this administration), whacking a student with a bamboo kendo sword, making a student do something embarrassing, locking a student into a small room or closet for a period of time until they apologize for their misbehavior-- bonus points if it is the bleeding supply closet.


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