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Dopple event is finished and it's time for something new. Kikuryou's students and teachers are being sent to a rural farming community in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu! Get your work boots and gloves ready and bring your Tiger Balm, folks. Teachers and students will go on an all-expenses-paid work-study trip to participate in a week long biology education course sponsored by the government. Students and teachers will be taken to work on farms and catch fish to learn about food. At night they will stay in a hot-spring country inn. The kids have to do each activity in pairs, so if you want CR with a certain someone, you can say they were paired together by drawing names. Pairs can be any grade together or even student-teacher if you really want. You can have the different partners for different events. Accommodations can be in twos or fours or whatever you want, boys and girls separate. You can choose to have your character participate in threads with prompts. Activities they will do include: --Going out as a team on a small fishing boat to catch skipjack tuna with poles. A storm will be coming in. --Planting, weeding, or harvesting together as a team. Chief crops are mustard flowers, tangerines, grapes, honey. --Cooking contest with a partner ($100/¥10000 prize) --Caring for wee baby free-range Kagoshima Black Piglets including bottle-feeding, bathing, petting, racing, and playing. --Turtle Patrol: a trip to Yakushima beach at night to document endangered loggerhead turtles laying eggs, help tag and measure turtles, and count turtles, nests, and eggs being laid. Free time on night beach afterwards. --Visiting Yakushima, a primeval wild rain forest preserve with trees older than 2000 years. Home to ancient species of weasels, yaku macaque, and sika deer. Nice beaches there. --gigantic sushi eating contest (vegetarian available) (prize is a fancy dinner for two that can be used in Kikuryou) --Getting into randy shenanigans Bathing and sleeping at a cozy traditional Japanese inn. Haunted? Up to you --OR????? DO WHAT INTERESTS YOU. ANYTJING GOES. YOUR IDEAS HERE. I ask that if you join threads that you check back and tag in a timely manner to prevent a pileup of back tagging all the events ok? This event lasts one month at the most and then we are moving on to new things! Also please remember: if you are no longer feeling your old character, you are totally welcome to change what you need to, give them powers, do a new character, whatever you want! Questions? Plotting? Come chat with us on Skype in the game chat or ask here!


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