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[ profile] notsexyback Samuel Kramer - 2nd year English, Homeroom 2-B [by [profile] jade_pen]
[ profile] uwasamiyuki Satou Miyuki - 2nd year Math, Homeroom 2-C [by [ profile] runawayballista]
[ profile] chemistryisfun Shibata Yuzuya - 1st year science, Homeroom 1-C [by [ profile] shiruru]
[profile] ms_fist_first Oyate Ayumi - P.E. [by [profile] beloved_baka]
[personal profile] gr8_teacher_ren Ito Ren - Home Ec., Homeroom 1-B [by [ profile] dianoetic]


3rd Year
[personal profile] work_for_it Akiyama Kei [by [ profile] dianoetic]
[ profile] astarofheaven Morinaga Tatsuki [by [ profile] jade_pen]
[ profile] trickster_smile Tsukino Sachi [by [ profile] phoenix_prose]

2nd Year
[ profile] lonely_aldama Soledad Aldama de Urquiza [by Rosie]
[ profile] shutter_hime Amamiya Kokoro [by [ profile] ainasiriel]
[ profile] nocturnalboy Matsuzaki Suguru [by [ profile] shiruru]
[ profile] bewarewulf Geirulf Ulvestad [by [profile] phoenix_prose]

1st Year
[ profile] sicklygarden Aoki Chiaki [by [ profile] runawayballista]
[ profile] magictiemnaow Chiba Yadoru [by [profile] jade_pen]

Other Characters (NPC's) and Staff Listing )
Science: 1st year - Shibata Yuzuya [ profile] chemistryisfun
Art:Wood/Metal Shop:
Home Ec: Ito Ren [personal profile] gr8_teacher_ren

Student Council plays an important role in leading the students to follow rules and help run the school and special events smoothly. Being in student council is not a popularity contest. The students who are responsible, hardworking, and show good leadership skills are chosen by their peers. Each homeroom class has two reps as well. Student council members wear a small pin and are very hardworking, busy kids. They usually don't have time to participate in a club.
Student Council President: Akiyama Kei [personal profile] work_for_it
Student Council Vice-President:
Student Council Secretary:
Student Council Treasurer: Morinaga Tatsuki [ profile] astarofheaven
Student Council Grounds/Cleanliness Committee:
Student Council Health/Fitness Officer:
Student Council Class Reps:
Student Council Eco Committee: (they promote recycling, recycle things like milk cartons, paper, tin foil, etc, and "encourage" trash reduction)


Hanako-chan the Toilet Ghost - the ghost of a student who died in 1933. She inhabits the first-year girls' lavatory. She has been described as a very small girl with a melancholy expression. She often appears behind girls while they look in the mirror. She is especially jealous of girls who think they are pretty. (NPC)
Okiku - Okiku-hime is the ghost of a medieval princess who once lived on the premises. She was apparently quite the coquette and had a great number of illicit lovers. As she prefers to put it, her milkshake brought all the boys to the turret. Daddy didn't like this and this eventually ended in her sad demise in a well. On moonlit nights Okiku can be heard sobbing in the well in the back southeast corner of the campus, near the soccer field. She counts her love letters from her boytoys in a melancholy voice. (NPC)
Kazuhiko - Okiku's lethal samurai guard [[ profile] lovelyobake]
Baku-gami - a mysterious dream-eating god [[ profile] lovelyobake]
Ittan-Momen - A ghostly bandage with a killer grip [[ profile] lovelyobake]
Jurei - a demonic, deadly tree [[ profile] lovelyobake]
Ubume no Shizuka - The spirit of Chiaki's deceased mother, Aoki Shizuka, was originally a harmless ghost, but since arriving at Kikuryou in pursuit of her son, she's become twisted, little by little. She died in a car accident when her son was very young, and has become a ghost obsessed with her son's well-being. She doesn't seem to have accepted her death yet. (NPC, via [ profile] sicklygarden)

Deceased Characters:

Sakai-sensei - Former Judo teacher (aka the Discipline Teacher): a thick barrel-chested man who strutted around campus in track clothes at all times. He was the intimidating tough guy, the teacher that kids got dragged into by their homeroom teachers when they needed a really good behind-closed-doors discipline session. Killed by Kazuhiko. (NPC)


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