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Please make a note of these dates.
All National Holidays are marked in RED.  Exams are marked in BLUE.

APRIL 2008
5th-6th - Orientation for New Students
6th-17th Cherry Blossoms Blooming on Campus
7th (Mon) - Entrance Ceremony, classes begin, School Picnic
23rd (Wed.) - Fire Drill
24th, 25th- Student Health Check
29th (Tue) - Emperor Showa Memorial Day, No School

MAY 2008
May 5th - Boys' Day
May 2, 5, 6th - Golden Week Holidays, No School
14-16th - Mid-Term Exams. Please be sure to study.
23rd - School Hike to Sugao Waterfall. Students, plan to bring a lunch.
29-June 1st (Thu-Sun) - 2nd Year Students - Class Trip to Hawaii

JUNE 2008
7th (Sat) - Sports Day Event, Folk Dance
7th (Sat) - Teacher Party after Sports Day
6th-15th - Firefly Season at Murasaki River.
10th - Earthquake Drill
19-22nd- 1st Year Students - Class Trip to Hong Kong
29th- Shobu Matsuri (Iris Festival) at Kasuga Shrine

JULY 2008
All P.E. Classes will be Swimming for the Month of July. Participation is Mandatory. Swimsuits can be purchased at the school store.
3nd-7th- 3rd Year Students - Class Trip to London & Paris
14th - 18th - Ecology/Environmental Studies Week. Project due on 18th.
18th - Ocean Appreciation Day - field trips
21st (Mon) - Umi no Hi (Ocean Day, National Holiday) No School
22nd-24th (Tues-Thurs) - Final Exams
25th (Fri) - Last day of Term, Closing Assembly
26th (Sat) - Summer Vacation Begins
27th (Sun) - trip to Tokyo (attendance optional)

2nd - Beach trip (attendance optional)
10th-15th O-bon holidays. Bon Odori and fireworks on the school grounds
18th-22nd Interhigh Sports Tournament
24th - Kimodameshi event* (attendance optional)
25-29th - Kikuryou Water-throwing Matsuri and fireworks downtown

1st (Mon) - Classes Begin, Commencement Assembly
12th-15th - Camping Trip (attendance optional)
15th (Mon) Respect for the Aged Day, No School
15th -19th Volunteer Work Week, participation is mandatory for all students
23rd (Fri) - Autumn Equinox, No School

1st - All classes/clubs must vote on what to do for School Festival
13th (Mon) - Sports and Fitness Day Holiday, No School. Students are advised to study for mid-term exams.
14-15th Mid Term Exam
31st - Halloween Party

3rd - Culture Day Holiday, Kikuryou Academy School Festival
15th- Chrysanthemum Festival at Kasuga Shrine
21st - Harvest Appreciation Day
24th (Mon) - Labor Thanksgiving Day, No School
20, 21, 25th - Final Exams

23rd - Emperor's Birthday, No School
14th - Kikuryou Christmas Ball
25th - Last Day of Term, Closing Assembly
30th - Winter Vacation Begins
31st - New Year's Eve Bell-ringing at local temples

1st, 2nd, 3rd - New Year's Celebration at Kasuga Shrine
5th (Mon) - Classes Begin, Commencement Assembly
6th - Third Year Students must declare plans after High School
12th - Coming of Age Day, No School
11th - Festival of Traditional Arts and Culture
22-23rd Midterm Exams

3rd - Setsubun Party*
11th - National Foundation Day, No School
13th - School Choral Concert
14th (Sat)- Valentine's Day (kids will probably give gifts on 13th)
20th - School Ski Trip

MARCH 2009
3rd - Hina Matsuri (Girls' Day)
5-6th - College Entrance Exam Testing
11-12th - Final Exams
15th (Sun)- White Day
15th (Sun)- Graduation Party for 3rd Year Students
16th (Mon)- Graduation Ceremony for 3rd Year Students
19th (Thu)- Last Day of School Year, Closing Ceremony


Kimodameshi is a game/event in which the teachers will set up a night walk for students through a course, planning to hide and scare the students in different ways. Students will pair off and try to make it to the end of the walking course and bring back proof that they made it.

Setsubun is the holiday in which roasted soybeans are tossed to shoo out oni (whether symbolic or a person in a costume) bring in good luck in the new year. At Kikuryou's Setsubun event, certain teachers will be selected to play the part of the oni while the students and other teachers toss the soybeans. After school there will be a party at which futomaki (lucky fat rolls of sushi) are made and eaten.


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