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There is no such thing as extracurricular sports or clubs at Kikuryou! All sports teams and activites have a profound influence on a student's discipline and development. At Kikuryou there are many clubs, small and large, that a student can choose from. Students are strongly encouraged to get involved with a club or team on campus. Each club is supervised by a member of the faculty. Students choose to become a member of a team or club during the second week of the school year, and all club and team activities last year-round.* Students may only be a member of one club/team.

Currently we have:

Sports Clubs: Baseball, Basketball, Cross-country/Track, Judo, Kendo, Kyuudo (Archery), Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Water Polo, Volleyball, Girls' Softball.*

Cultural Clubs: Chorus, Drama, English, Koto, Fine Arts, Journalism**, Gardening, Sewing and Crafts, Cooking, Orchestra, Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement, Go and Shougi Club, Society of Truth-Seekers***

We do also have a very busy and active Student Council. These members are chosen by their classmates for their responsibility and good citizenship. Student Council members are usually too busy to take part in club activities.

Aside: Usually there are no girls' soccer or softball teams in Japanese school but we wanted to have one anyway. It's a rich-kid school, right? There is no "off-season" as in America, sports teams practice year-round. 1st year students don't get to play as much as the other grades do. They assist with equipment and setup/cleanup and cheer on the 2nd and 3rd years.)

(**handles school newspaper and yearbook)

(***Aside: this is an unofficial club of students [read: nerds] who are interested in proving the fact that the school is haunted and that there is a conspiracy to hide non-humans among us.)


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